Robert Burrows

Robert Burrows (a.k.a. NoCuddleTime), is an L.A. artist who did the epic portrait of David back in December that I used as the angel on top of our Christmas tree. He sent me another in the series this week. Margaret (!!!). This would be in her bedroom. As with the David, it is absolutely perfect. I especially love the little tiny hint of light from the lighter—really nice touch, Rob.

It also turns out that Mr. Burrows is himself an author, creator of the surrealist comic Riot District. I’ve read it over a couple times now, and loved it. There’s sort of a Cronenberg / Phillip K Dick vibe to the story, and the art is phenomenal.


1 MARGARET – All That’s Really Left Is the Smell

I think I already put the David pic up on Facebook, but I don’t remember if I blogged it. I’ll include it here as well, possibly for a second time.

2 DAVID – The Slave of Murder

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