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I’m happy to report that The Library at Mount Char made it onto a number of “Year’s Best” lists over the last few weeks. Please pardon the shameless self-promotion. I’m pretty excited, and you only get to do this once.


 “A wholly original, engrossing, disturbing, and beautiful book. You’ve never read anything quite like this, and you won’t soon forget it.”
–Full Review here
Unlike anything I’ve ever read before, this book is a surreal, violent, adrenaline-fueled punch to the brain, a book you can’t stop thinking about. More, please.”–Full Review here
 “Like a dark-hearted take on what might really happen if child wizards like Harry and Hermione weren’t so well-behaved, Hawkins debut is harrowing, entrancing, and never less that utterly original.”–Full Review here
 “A wild ride of a novel, fierce and totally bonkers yet moving and humane, The Library at Mount Char will stun you on every page.”
–Full Review here
“Dark, demented, and drop-dead funny, Scott Hawkins’ twisted fantasy morality play is the best genre debut in years!”
“The Library at Mount Char is a brilliant, highly original piece of fantasy that more people should be reading.”
–Full Review here.
Nominated for the Best Debut category in the Goodreads Choice Awards, and lost. Badly. (Final result: 13th out of 16.)
But it was in fact an honor to be nominated.
Full list here.
 The audiobook, narrated by Hilary Huber, is fantastic. She recently won a “Best Voice” award from AudioFile magazine.

Minnesota Public Radio included The Library at Mount Char on their “Top sci-fi and fantasy picks of 2015” list.
“Scott Hawkins is a recent discovery for me personally, but he’s a talent I’ll look to in the future, as he’s given the world one of the greatest stories to hit shelves in 2015.”
–Full Review here
“Scott Hawkins doesn’t have time for your stinkin’ genre conventions. The Library at Mount Char winds its way through the realms of horror, fantasy, and mystery—sometimes occupying all of these spaces at once.”
–The Lineup Presents: The Creepiest Reads of 2015
 All Books Considered included it in the 2015 Best New Authors roundup.
“This debut fantasy novel creates a magical and surreal world that’s similar to our own yet imbued with supernatural danger, deities, and plenty of adventure.”
–Full Review at
 Top 10 Books of 2015

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3 comments on “Best of 2015
  1. marcus says:

    Yeah – you pretty much nailed it with Mt Char. I’d say ride that pony long and hard – as Gaiman started to do with American Gods and Anansi Boys (though got distracted early on).



    • Ryan Carrothers says:

      Just finished it. Wow. I’m obsessed. Please write more in that universe. Loved it. Thanks for writing it.

  2. Helmut Werb says:

    I have just read your novel “The Library at Mount Char,”which caused me to write my first fan letter of my long life. Good work. And that’s really all I wanted to say.

    Please let me know if and when you are writing/releasing another piece of your fantastic fiction. I will buy it immediately.

    Helmut Werb

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