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Librarian Anecdotes

I threw away a lot of pages when I was assembling Mount Char into final form. Some of the stuff that got cut was just plain bad, but there was also a good bit of stuff that was fine except didn’t advance the story. Anyway, a couple weeks ago the

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The Library at Mount Char Reviews

Here are the highlights of the reviews / blurbs: “A wholly original, engrossing, disturbing, and beautiful book. You’ve never read anything quite like this, and you won’t soon forget it.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Hawkins makes nary a misstep in this award-worthy effort of imagination. His language is entirely apposite;

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Today is book launch day, and I’m seeing the fruits of my publicists’ labors for the first time–reviews, articles, guest posts, all kinds of stuff.  It’s fun, and I will by-God link to every single post, but I also thought it might be nice to take a moment and talk

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Pleasant Surprises

The Equalizer I like action movies well enough that I keep buying tickets, but I try not to get my hopes up. This one, based on a TV series that I never watched, didn’t strike me as a good bet. I was so very, very wrong. The Equalizer was awesome,

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Mad Max

No, not that one. I liked Fury Road enough to see it in theaters twice, which I almost never do. It was superb. It also reminded me that I haven’t seen the original in quite a while. If you had HBO in the mid-80s, you could hardly avoid memorizing every

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Shameless Plug – LA Times List

The LA Times mentioned The Library at Mount Char in their summer reading list of 29 Page Turners. I was especially tickled that Mount Char ended up next to the latest by Austin Grossman. I absolutely loved his last book, Soon I Will Be Invincible. Anyway, here’s the list.

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The Twelve Catalogs, Cataloged

A couple of the advance readers have mentioned that they’d like to know what the complete list of catalogs is. To be honest, I had a little trouble keeping track of it myself. The big five (Carolyn, David, Margaret, Jennifer, Michael) are pretty clear, but the rest of the librarians

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