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When I woke up last Sunday I just couldn’t face another day in front of the keyboard, so I spent the day watching pay-per-view. A lot of it was not stuff that would have been my first choice, but there were a couple of pleasant surprises. Since it looks like

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Pitch Black Humor

I’m pretty sure that He Never Died is going to turn out to be the funniest movie I see in 2015. I hadn’t heard of it before yesterday, but we couldn’t get Star Wars tickets and Heather has a thing for Henry Rollins, so blah blah blah we caught a

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Pleasant Surprises

The Equalizer I like action movies well enough that I keep buying tickets, but I try not to get my hopes up. This one, based on a TV series that I never watched, didn’t strike me as a good bet. I was so very, very wrong. The Equalizer was awesome,

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Mad Max

No, not that one. I liked Fury Road enough to see it in theaters twice, which I almost never do. It was superb. It also reminded me that I haven’t seen the original in quite a while. If you had HBO in the mid-80s, you could hardly avoid memorizing every

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